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About me

About Rio The Photographer

Born in Kenya and raised in Nakuru county.

The journey to loving wildlife photography

In my childhood I used to love watching wildlife documentaries since visiting the national parks or reserves was hard for me. I really enjoyed watching wildlife documentaries on television.
One day I got a chance to visit Lake Nakuru National Park with our family. Being a young boy, I was so excited and I knew at least I would see the wild animals I watched in the documentaries. Visiting the national park was the spark that ignited my love for wildlife photography. On the game drive we saw different wildlife species but mostly the herbivores; buffaloes, giraffes and zebras. But then there was this leopard that was resting on an acacia tree, this was it. That was the best feeling in my life. I was so happy to see a leopard for the first time. What I wished for at that moment was to have a camera so that I could capture that moment and share it with everyone back at home. But too bad I didn’t have the camera.
Fast forward. I pursued a diploma in Environmental Management then later on I did a bachelors degree in Environmental Studies (Environmental Monitoring, Planning and Management). I did this course to help me understand more on the biodiversity and its niche. I also bought wildlife and bird books so that I could understand more about their behavior.
I have always seen my photography as a gift since I always try to see the picture before it’s taken. This applies when I go to take pictures, there is this collaboration I always attempt to have between me and the subject to allow me into their world.

What Rio means and why RIO?

Rio is a Spanish word that stands for a river. A river gives life to nature and wildlife, so I give life and meaning to the photos I take. I love conservation work and I believe my photography will have a positive impact to it. Wildlife photography is what I love to do and it has become part of me.
My hope is that when people see my pictures, it will make them query some of their assumptions they have about wildlife and our relationship with them. I always want to show the beauty of wildlife and the place they have in this world. Through photography, I need to explore the wildlife in all its naturalness and beauty.

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place